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Talent Search
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  Talents is the key to business success, the Detacareer to provide customers with professional recruitment services, including professional talents and senior management talent search, select and recommend.

  The Detacareer professional advisers are human resources services and related industry experts, industry segments have a profound understanding, we have a team of consultants proficient in different sectors of the talent search and selection. Selection of personnel is only the beginning of human resources services, we pay more attention to the discovery of recruitment problems and help you solve the problem.

  In accordance with customer demand for customized executive search and selection program. Develop accurate job descriptions, from initial recruitment needs, to provide customers with professional talent search program to provide professional search channel selection. Our team of consultants on the candidate's experience, background and even the reputation of the industry are a strict selection to help you find the talent to achieve the objectives of the business in the future business strategy.

  Detacareer to provide customers with the executive search process:
  - Understand the client's company background and corporate culture
  - Analyze, evaluate customer needs
  - To develop and implement a search program
  - Screening candidates
  - Interview, assessment of candidates
  - Recommending candidates for interviews
  - The candidate of the investigation report
  - Consultation and follow-up services