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Recruitment Process Outsourcing
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  Recruitment Process Outsourcing services means that some or all of the recruitment outsourcing services to specialized companies through specialized companies accredited to the internal project management and provide a large number of candidates for the low-end jobs, in order to optimize the recruitment process, to improve   recruitment efficiency.

  Outsourcing solutions designed in accordance with the specific needs of customers, from the initial recruitment needs and job description production, employer branding explore and strategies to attract talent, management and control of the recruitment process to recruitment analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of our services cover complete recruitment process.
  Detacareer recruitment process outsourcing services include:
  - Employer branding
  - The recruitment demand management / Recruitment Process Control / recruitment results analysis
  - Management of internal and external suppliers
  - The establishment of the database

  Detacareer recruitment process outsourcing services to meet the following requirements:
  - Perennial Recruitment
  - New company to build high-volume recruitment
  - The new batch Recruitment
  - Campus Recruitment