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  • Job requirements:
    Work location :
    The release date :
    The 2020-08-12
  • Job requirements:
    Work location :
    The release date :
    The 2020-08-12
  • Director of Computational Chemistry
    Job requirements:

     Director,Computational  Chemistry
    Job Location:Shanghai/Chengdu, China
    Job Type:Full Time
    Job Description:
    1. Build and manage a computational medicinal chemistry platform.
    2. Design and optimization of novel drug candidates using advanced computational techniques, taking on roles of responsibility within portfolio programs, and scientific talent development.
    3. Collaboration with discovery teams to invent novel medicines including defining project strategy and driving execution.
    4. Championing a “design first” strategy within project teams to achieve better molecules faster
    5. Active participation in recruitment, training and development of staff within the computational medicinal chemistry group.
    6. Continuing research in new areas of molecular modeling relevant to drug discovery and development.
    7. Maintaining an external scientific presence including authoring significant scientific publications and presentations.

    Job Requirement Competencies:
    1. Ph.D. in either Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, or equivalent, preferably with a computational chemistry emphasis.
    2. Minimum of 5 year experience of molecule modelling and/or chem-informatics in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    3. Strong communication skills, along with the ability to work well in multidisciplinary teams.
    4. Evidence of creative application of computational approaches to problems of biological or chemical interests.
    5. Good Chinese and English language skills.

    Work location :
    Shanghai/Chengdu, China
    The release date :
    The 2020-01-10
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