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Company Profile
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Detacareer Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional HR consultancy providing middle-and-high-end talent heading-hunting, recruitment and background investigation. As a professional talent-searching expert, Detacareer has established regional strategic cooperation with Williams & Associates, and taken the head in introducing the intelligent candidate management system. Detacareer provides middle-and- high-end talent head-hunting and project overall recruitment service. Detacareer has made a long-term commitment to industrial manufacturing, IT, real estate, energy and the consumption field for a long time. It provides independent and objective employee background investigations and candidate assessment reports. Detacareer has also made a long-term commitment to become a professional service provider to solve recruitment problems.

Our Character
Detacareer Consulting Co., Ltd. has unique and precise searching channels. It always focuses on how to communicate effectively. It takes the initiative to understand customer's corporate culture and management style, including providing middle-and-senior level talent demand analysis, job definition and description, middle-and-senior level talent searching, talent assessment and selection, background investigation, payment consulting and employee satisfaction survey analysis for domestic listed companies, the growth science and technology enterprises and foreign enterprises.

Our philosophy
Detacareer has built a "virtual project responsibility system" mode based on teamwork, which means reasonable distribution, focusing on customers, taking the project as the subject and providing consulting-leading “counselor" service. It builds an open-minded and self-inspired management style. It pursues a tolerant, self-disciplined and operative working mode. It is committed to become a trusted partner forever.